Be a part of our fundraising

Band can be expensive, so we work to create opportunities that help parents raise funds to offset the cost for various events, activities and equipment. Fundraising events vary each year and there are many opportunities to participate. All of the proceeds will go to improving your child's band education and experience at Sherwood Heights.

Hot Lunch Program

This is our main fundraising activity and we raise an average of $500 per month. We work with Healthy Hunger to provide hot lunches on most Mondays. And through our volunteers, we raise quite a bit of money to offset our band costs. This requires five volunteers each week to make this program a success. The profits cover costs that are shared evenly across all of our band students.


Learn more about the program and the role of our hot lunch coordinator.


Seasonal Fundraisers

Our fundraising coordinators organize several seasonal fundraisers each year to allow you and your child a chance to raise money for their involvement in band. Any profits you make go directly to supporting your child, so we really encourage you to participate. In the past we have sold Purdy's chocolates, Stawnichy's sausage and poinsettias from Salibury Greenhouse, just to name a few.


Learn more about the latest program and the role our fundraising coordinator plays.